12.2″ Slyme Tube w Dual Percs; Inline & Double Showerhead

Holistic large showerhead and inline barrel perc. Slyme Green accent. Straight mouthpiece Tube

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Holistic Tube Waterpipe with Dual Percs. Straight Mouthpiece. Tube.

This tube waterpipe with dual percs stands at over a foot tall and contains a double Perc System. The lower perc is a fixed inline barrel, the higher perc an oversized double showerhead. It also comes with a female joint & male bowl. That means it’s set up and ready to use with all your dry herbs. Just fill it with water and watch the inline barrel perc and large double showerhead clean and cool the smoke. By the time the smoke gets to your lips it will be just as smooth as spring air.


  • Thick accented base
  • 14mm female joint
  • Worked 14mm Bowl
  • Black Accent throughout
  • Dual Perc System
  • Oversized Showerhead Perc

Continuing the tradition of performance, form, and function you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this tube is everything you need in a water pipe. It stands at almost 13 inches tall from base to the top  and contains a dual perc system. The lower perc is a long inline barrel perc, breaking your smoke into small bubbles before shooting it up into the giant double showerhead above. This is where the smoke cools off and the draw turns from hot smoke to smooth, white clouds. It’s also available in Black.

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Color Accent




Joint Type/Size

14mm Female


Dry Herb