14mm Male Bowl w. Built in Screen, Clear Accents

Holistic. Clear Accents. 14mm Male. Bowl

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14mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen, Black Accents

14mm Male Bowl with Built In Screen, Clear Accents. Holistic on the label means quality in your glass. This clear 14mm male bowl has a clear glass-on-glass male joint and is very heat resistant. It is the perfect replacement bowl for any waterpipe. The bowl itself is deep, and can hold a lot of herb. It has a built in screen, which prevents any herb from falling through into your water pipe.


  • Finger Pikes for Easy Lifting
  • Built in Screen
  • 14mm male Joint
  • Thick, Quality Glass
  • Holistic Name Brand
  • Clear Accents

Since our inception, Holistic has dedicated itself to making quality glass. From our largest water pipes, right down to our bowls and dome and nail sets, we always look to maintain the standard of excellence expected from a high end glass company. Our 18mm female bowl with  a built in screen continues that standard. Made from thick, high quality glass it is the perfect bowl to replace or old bowl and improve your smoking experience. The screen makes sure all the ash stays in the bowl and out of your water pipe while the finger pegs make it easy to pull up. Perfect for any 14mm Female Joint Water Pipes.

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Bowl Color

Black Joint

Joint Type/Size

18mm Male