Holistic Female 18mm Bowl or Domeless Nail Stand

Holistic. 18mm Female, holds 18mm Male. Bowl Stand

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Holistic Female 18mm Bowl or Domeless Nail Stand.

Holistic Female 18mm Bowl or Domeless Nail Stand. Designed for anything with an 18mm male joint, our Female 18mm Stand will guarantee you’ll never lose track of your accessories again. Whether it’s to clean your water pipe, or try it out with one of with another bowl or a domeless nail for concentrates, you will always know where your accessories are. Made from the same high quality glass as our water pipes and other accessories it will withstand the test of time.

Perfect for cleaning, just place your bowl on the stand while cleaning your water pipe. Never worry about if your bowl is rolling off the sink ledge because it is perched safely on its stand. Also great for display or when using other accessories. Keep your collection looking like a glass shop and display all your ornamental accessories on a glass stand for a clean, cool, high end look. We make all of our stands from the same high quality glass you expect from the Holistic name so you know this stand will look great and last. Available with a male joint for your dome and nail in Peacock, Clear, and Black Accents

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18mm Female

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