18mm Male to 18mm Female Holistic Downstem w. Barrel perc

Holistic. 18/18mm. Barrel Perc. Downstem.

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18mm Male to 18mm Female Downstem with Barrel Perc

18mm Male to 18mm Female Downstem with Barrel Perc. This 18mm male to female Downstem is made from extra-thick glass to insure durability. It features the standard Barrel perc to clean your smoke quickly, and efficiently.  It’s the perfect addition to any waterpipe that uses a downstem. For use with an 14mm bowl. Available in 7 lengths, from 3 inches through 6 inches at half-inch intervals. All downstems measured from bottom of lowest joint to the end.


  • Barrel Perc
  • Thick, Strong Glass
  • 7 length variety
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • 18mm Male Joint
  • Fits Into Any 18mm Female Water Pipe
  • Holds any 18mm Male Bowl

Holistic, as a company, takes great pride in the glass that we sell. This includes our downstems, which we forge from the strongest glass available. Our downstems are durable against extreme heat and extreme cold, as well as extreme, rapid temperature changes so you never have to worry about your hot smoke going into cold water. The Barrel perc at the bottom will break your smoke up into the smallest bubbles, to insure that your smoke is as clean and as cool as possible. Also available in 18mm Male to 14 Female size joints.

Additional information

Joint Type/Size

18mm Male to 14mm Female

Length (in)

3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6