5.5″ 90 Degree 18mm Ash Catcher w. Removable Showerhead Perc & Recycler

Holistic ash catcher, removable 29mm glass on glass stem with single showerhead, 90 degree recycler arm.

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90 Degree 18mm Ash Catcher w. Removable Single Showerhead Perc & Recycler Arm

18mm Ash Catcher w. Removable Single Showerhead Perc & Recycler Arm. This 5.5 inch 90 degree ash catcher with recycler features a removable 29mm to 18mm glass on glass stem for the bowl, 18mm from ash catcher to waterpipe. The glass stem has a single showerhead perc, which combined with the recycler arm cools the smoke and filters out all the bad stuff with minimal drag, allowing for a smooth hit every time. The 90 degree arm allows it to sit perfectly on most pieces with a 90 degree joint slot. The removable stem allows for easy cleaning and refilling, just pull the stem out and wash, rinse, and refill.


  • Single Showerhead Perc
  • Removable Perc
  • Recycler Arm
  • Thick Glass
  • 5.5in Tall
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • 18mm Male Joint

We at Holistic pride ourselves in two things: The quality of our glass and how well our pieces filter smoke. You don’t have to look further than our ash catchers for evidence of this. Most companies may look at ash catchers as a simple way to keep your pipe clean. Our ash catchers are all made from the thickest, highest quality glass, and every single one contains at least a single perc in it, if not more. This ash catcher specifically is a 18mm Ash Catcher w. Removable Single Showerhead Perc & Recycler Arm. It has a recycler arm, which will cycle the smoke back through the ash catcher before it even reaches the pipe. Not only will this ash catcher keep your pipe clean, it will clean your smoke better than most bubblers. On top of that, the ash catcher is simple to clean as well; just remove the perc and rinse. Also available with a 14mm joint size on the water pipe end.

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