6.5″ Black Holistic Bubbler with Dual Percs. Sidecar Mouthpiece.

Holistic top basic perc, bottom inline box. Black accent. Sidecar mouthpiece. Bubbler.

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6.5″ Inch Holistic Bubbler with Dual Percs. Sidecar Mouthpiece.

Holistic Bubbler with Dual Percs. Sidecar Mouthpiece. Looking for your first bubbler or something small and simple so you don’t have to break out the big rig every time you want to smoke? This little guy is the answer, with an inline box at the bottom and a sidecar mouthpiece, you’ll get clean, smooth draws ever time.


  • 14mm male joint
  • Glass Nail, 14mm
  • Worked Dome, 14mm
  • Black Accents throughout
  • Dual Perc System
  • Accented mouthpiece
  • For concentrate

Continuing the tradition of form, function, and performance, you have come to expect out of us at Holistic this bubbler is everything you need in an oil rig. It stands at 6.5 inches tall from base to the top of its slim, accented mouthpiece and contains a fixed inline perc that’ll clean your smoke, making it as white as milk and cool as air on a fall afternoon. It also has a small basic perc that acts as a water guard.  The sidecar mouthpiece and upper perc also allows you to play with the water levels, without risking any splash up.  Comes set up for concentrates, but easily adapted for use with dry herbs.

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Color Accent




Joint Type/Size

14mm Male