6″ Wisteria Bubbler w. Single Showerhead

Holistic fixed showerhead. Wisteria Purple accent. Slim mouthpiece. Bubbler.

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6″ Wisteria Bubbler w. Single Showerhead

Simplicity. If there were one word to describe this bubbler, that’s what it would be, Simplicity. It stands at 6 inches tall from mouthpiece to base, but can fit easily in a dresser drawer when not being used, and it’s single showerhead will leave the smoke nice and smooth. Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use.


  • Thick accented base
  • 14mm male joint
  • Glass Nail, 14mm
  • Worked Dome, 14mm
  • Wisteria Purple Accents throughout
  • Fixed Showerhead Perc
  • Accented mouthpiece
  • For concentrate

Continuing the tradition of form, function, and performance, you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this bubbler is everything you need in an oil rig. It stands at 6 inches tall from base to the top of its slim, accented mouthpiece and contains a single fixed horizontal showerhead perc that’ll clean your smoke, making it as white as milk and cool as air on a fall afternoon. The bent mouthpiece also allows you to play with the water levels, without risking any splash up, it also helps get that little bit extra smoke in a pull with its curved nature.  Comes set up for concentrates, but easily adaptable for use with dry herbs.

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Color Accent




Joint Type/Size

14mm Male