9.4″ Black Bubbler w. Double Showerhead & Round Base

Holistic fixed double showerhead. Black accent. Bent mouthpiece. Bubbler.

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Holistic Double Showerhead Perc & Round Base. Black Accent. Bubbler.

Holistic Double Showerhead Perc & Round Base. Black Accent. Bubbler. This bubbler water pipe with double showerhead comes in at almost 9 and a half inches, and features a fixed double showerhead perc, and a large rounded midsection. This water pipe will fill with more smoke and give larger hits than tubes twice it’s size.


  • Thick accented base
  • 14mm male joint
  • Worked 14mm dome
  • Glass Nail, 14mm
  • Black Accent throughout
  • Double Showerhead Perc
  • Rounded base
  • For Concentrates

The tradition of performance, form, and function you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic lives on in this unique bubbler. It is everything you need in an  oil rig. It stands at almost 9 and a half inches inches tall with black accents throughout, its double showerhead cleans and cools even the darkest smoke. The showerhead perc is also fixed to the base of the pipe, adding to the durability of the pipe.The bent mouthpiece also allows you to play with the water levels, without risking any splash up, it also helps get that little bit extra smoke in a pull with its curved nature. It is also available in Peacock Blue.


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Color Accent




Joint Type/Size

14mm Male