Holistic 12 Inch Dry Herb Bubbler with Dual Showerheads

Holistic 2 fixed single showerhead. Wisteria Purple accent. Wide mouthpiece. Bubbler.

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Holistic 12 Inch Dry Herb Bubbler with Dual Showerheads

Holistic Dry Herb Bubbler with Dual Showerheads. Bent Mouthpiece.  This is a big bubbler. There’s no other way to describe it except “large,” because everything about it is big. The pipe itself stands at an even foot from base to mouthpiece, and has two giant showerheads, each fixed into their own massive perc chamber.


  • Thick accented base
  • 14mm female male joint
  • Worked Bowl, 14mm
  • Wisteria Purple Accents throughout
  • Dual Perc Chambers
  • 2 Fixed Showerhead percs
  • Oversized Perc Chambers
  • For Dry Herbs

Continuing the tradition of form, function, and performance, you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this bubbler is everything you need in a water pipe. It stands at exactly 12 inches tall from base to the top of its slightly bent mouthpiece and contains a Dual Showerhead Percs system that’ll clean your smoke, making it as white as milk and cool as air on a fall afternoon. The separate chambers also allow you to play with the water levels, without risking any splash up, it also helps get that little bit extra smoke in a pull with its larger top chamber.  This pipe works great for concentrates too, all you need is a universal domeless nail, and you’re set.

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Color Accent




Joint Type/Size

14mm Female


Dry Herb