Xenon X10 White Base Dual Wick Coil For Extracts

The Xenon X10 with Wicks for extracts

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Xenon X10 White Base Dual Wick Coil For Extracts

Xenon X10 White Base Dual Wick Coil For Extracts. The Xenon X10 White Base Coil uses dual silica wicks to heat your extracts. The quality build of the coil is as such that it vaporizes waxes quickly, efficiently and evenly. The White Base makes it stand out among similar coil builds.

Designed for the Xenon 2-in-1 Vaporizer, compatible with similar micro batteries.


  • For Use with Extracts
  • Dual Wick Coil
  • Extra Strong Silica Wick
  • White Base

Since its inception, Vapors and Things has maintained a reputation of quality products, and the reasons why are apparent in our Xenon X10 White Base Dual Wick Coil For Extracts. We make our Coils from the strongest, most durable, and most stable materials available to insure that it will last for as long as you care for it.  The ceramic housing the coil is placed in will withstand the hottest temperatures, while inner bowl will retain the heat, keeping your waxes burning evenly. We design our silica wicks not to just heat quickly, but to survive for longer than the competitors. Take care not to crush the wicks and it should last a long time.