Premium Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizers

Introducing the Xenon 2-in-1 Vaporizer

The most convenient wax and dry-herb vaporizer on the market. The Xenon starter kit makes smoking waxes and dry herbs something that can be done anywhere. When you’re done, just drop the quick-clean system back in your pocket; no mess.

What Makes the Xenon the Best Vaporizer out There?

The best materials available. We hand selected the highest quality materials available to ensure our product not only withstands the test of time, but can stand up to the busy lifestyles of our customers.

Xenon 2-in-1 is a Full Starter Kit

The Xenon 2-in-1 is a fully loaded, ready-to-go kit right out of the box. It comes complete with a 360mAh micro-USB chargeable battery, 1 x6 dry herb coil, 1 x3 dual wick wax coil, 1 x5.1 globe attachment, as well as a 4.75 inch stainless steel food grade dabbing tool, a 1.5 inch rasta colored silicone wax storage container, silicone mouth piece cover, and charger chord with wall unit.


Vaporizer Pen Safety Tips

Turn off your device when you carry it around:

Vaporizer pens are able to be locked or switched off for a reason. When you’re carrying the device around, it could accidentally fire and either ruin your coil or stress the battery too much and cause more serious issues. Turn off or lock your battery when you’re carrying it around (usually by pressing the fire button five times quickly) to remove this danger.

Use the included charger:

Charging problems are the biggest source of risk with vape pens (even though it’s still not very likely), because despite manufacturer’s intentions to prevent issues, things can go wrong. The risk of charging problems is drastically reduced if you use the charger that came with your device. You could match the power rating of your old charger with a replacement, but it’s better to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended one to avoid any problems.

Don’t overcharge:

Again, manufacturers generally try to make it so vaporizer pens can’t be overcharged, but it’s a good idea to take your device off charge when you realize it’s done. This is usually shown by an LED on the charger turning from red to green, or perhaps the light on the fire button turning off.

Don’t leave it charging unattended or charge overnight:

Finally, to both avoid overcharging and so you’re on hand in case there are any issues, it’s better to only charge your device when you’ll be present. If there’s a problem during charging – for example, your device overheating – it’s better to be there to deal with it as soon as you notice it. If you don’t deal with any issues (or are asleep) it will likely get worse and could even cause an explosion.

Clean up any e-liquid spills:

For those using an e-juice vape pen, it’s important to remember that nicotine can absorb through your skin, so any e-juice spills should be cleaned up right away. Just using warm, soapy water is fine, but you can also use rubbing alcohol (which may be particularly useful for big spills). If you spill any juice on your skin or clothes it’s a good idea to clean your skin right away and change any affected clothes.

What More Do You Need?

The Xenon already comes with all the accessories you need to get into waxes and herbs on the go, comes in fun colors to go along with your favorite backpack or suit your style of adventures, and is convenient enough to be the vaporizer for any lifestyle. Better yet, there are tons of accessories.